Life Insurance for Business Owners

Life Insurance for Business Owners You might think life insurance is just to protect your family, but life insurance can play a big role on the business side, too. In […]

Life Insurance during Policy Change

Life Insurance during Policy Change Hello BFI Family Members! Youre probably recognizing a trend by now – we introduce life insurance during every stage of our process, because it’s that […]

Life Insurance during Claim

Life Insurance during Claim As we work to get you back on track after your claim, part of that process is also ensuring you have life insurance in place. As […]

Life Insurance for Birthdays

Gift yourself Life Insurance for your Birthday! Happy Birthday from BFI! Your Birthday is the perfect time to get your life insurance set up and lock in your rate! Start […]

BFI on Renter’s Insurance

BFI on Renter’s Insurance If you rent, you need Renters Insurance to cover your belongings. Items add up fast (Your electronics, appliances, and clothes are all large expenses that can […]

Background Screening Potential Tenants

We are excited to dive into Background Screening Potential Tenants in this month’s REI Newsletter! Choosing the wrong tenant can lead to lost income, litigation costs and damage to your […]