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If you gave or received jewelry for Valentine’s Day, don’t make the common mistake of covering it under your Homeowner’s Policy. Homeowner policies have limitations on how much coverage they can offer if your jewelry is ever lost or stolen. You also want to take into consideration that your Homeowners policy will come with a high deductible that eats away at the value of your jewelry if a claim is filed, not to mention your Homeowners rates will increase when filing claims. The smart solution is covering your jewelry under a personal articles policy. They are inexpensive, have no deductibles, and will even cover things your homeowner’s policy won’t such as stones falling out! If you have bling that you cherish or are proud of, give it the coverage it deserves by insuring it under a personal articles policy

★ Personal Article’s policies are for more than just jewelry! They are for any of the below items:

  • Bicycles (such as racing bikes and electronic assist bicycles)
  • Cameras
  • Collectibles (such as dolls, model trains, sports cards, comic books, and stamp and coin collections)
  • Computer equipment and software (personal use only)
  • Fine art (such as paintings and sculptures)
  • Furs
  • Hearing aids and medical devices (such as hearing implants and insulin pumps)
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Silverware/goldware
  • Sports equipment
  • Sports, leisure, and powersport items (such as fishing equipment, bicycles, and golf clubs)
  • And more!

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