Life Insurance in a Pandemic

Life Insurance in a Pandemic

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Typically this time of year we are still reveling in the newness of the New Year.  We are still hyper-focused on things like positive change and new habits.  But 2022 feels more like trying to start a car with a bad battery in the middle of winter.  The unwelcomed Covid-19 Pandemic continues to force its way into our lives and work to slow our march towards progress.  However, we are a resilient people and even though we are weary we march on.

Once again we reach out to you with the call to action towards positive change for this year with a reminder of how important your life insurance plan is.  Making sure that those you love the most are protected and not exposed to financial oppression is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Here at Bailey Family Insurance, we have worked hard to continue to be able to make sure that we are positioned to help our customers with this important task.  Getting coverage secured looks different in “Season 3” of this pandemic than it did in years prior.  But like you – we are resilient and will not shrink away from our commitment to you.  We are better equipped now more than ever to help get your coverage secured.  All that we are waiting on is you…and we hope you don’t wait until it’s too late.

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