Commercial Insurance: Not all carriers are created equal


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Commercial Insurance

Not all policies are created equal, and this is especially true with Commercial Insurance.BFI has direct contracts with over 30 carriers. If you are a contractor, we may look to writing you with BTIS (Builders & Tradesmen’s Insurance Services) because they include coverages like Faulty Workmanship and allow you to add on an Inland Marine policy for small tools coverage for a nominal fee. If you’re a hairdresser, we may go to a company like Chubb that automatically includes Professional Liability. If you’re in lawn care, we may end up with Liberty Mutual knowing they specialize in your field and will offer the best price. If you’re a photographer, we’ll be sure to match you with a carrier that will allow itemized scheduled equipment for all of your cameras and lenses. If you’re a landlord with multi-unit complexes, we may place you with Guard because that’s their appetite. Whatever your specific craft is, there’s an insurance carrier that specializes in it and wants your business. That’s the beauty of going with an independent insurance agency like Bailey Family Insurance. If you’re matched up with the carrier that niches in that market, they’re going to have included needed endorsements other policies don’t provide, as well as offer the best price. Give us a call or text 217-441-2342 (BFIA) or email or message us for a free quote today!

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