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In every Industry the businesses that operate within it have to make decisions on what their core principles will be.  It is not a choice of good or bad but rather a reflection on how the business thinks business should be done.  On the surface you would not think that there is much in common with the auto parts and insurance industries.  However, when you take a look at pillars that support the guiding principles of Napa and Bailey Family Insurance, they appear more like a doppelganger than a mismatch.  With Bailey Family Insurance everything starts with the two words in our mission statement that anchor us. Protection and Education.  Bailey Family Insurance expresses their love for the community through protection and education on what risks may not be apparent.  We believe every customer deserves a quality policy to help with the unforeseen.  Bailey Family Insurance has a strong sense of family that extends not only to the employees but to their carriers and customers.  NAPA also takes pride in many of these items.  NAPA is known as the company that “shows their clients car some love” by offering quality parts.  However, it isn’t just quality parts that sets NAPA apart in the industry it is the pride they take in being the people that know how to get the job done.  “NAPA KNOWS HOW” is more than a clever tag line, it is their commitment to their customers that they can be trusted. These principles of care, trust, and quality are what will make pairing Bailey Family Insurance with NAPA an overwhelming success. Thank you so much for considering us for the opportunity.

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