Do you consider yourself a good driver? Never had an accident or ticket and still feel like you are paying too much for insurance?

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Do you consider yourself a good driver? Never had an accident or ticket and still feel like you are paying too much for insurance?

What if we told you that YOU could control your insurance rates? 

We have all heard of these new devices that insurance companies are asking drivers to put in their vehicles to track their driving patterns which virtually lets the customer dictate the annual premium but most people are rejecting this service….why? We are here to tell you that this is one of the easiest ways to save money, we will explain how it works!

We have your attention and you have decided to try it out now what? Well, first things first most companies offer anywhere between 5%- 10% discounts just for signing up! That is right they give you a discount just for signing up and they haven’t even had a chance to see how you drive.

You’ve signed up and saved the initial percent of your premium, now what? Within the first couples weeks of your coverage, the company will send you a box with the device and instructions on how to put in your specific vehicle, set up usually takes under 10 mins!

All you have to do now is drive! The telematics will track your hard breaks, turns, and rapid acceleration. Most companies offer an App where you can log in and check your driving stats and score along on the way so you will get an idea of the things you need to improve on along the way. Companies are seeing that within a week after the device is installed, customers significantly improve their driving, due to the awareness of driving habits the telematic brings.

Now it’s time for your next renewal, now what? DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! Given that you have shown to have safe driving habits, we are seeing discounts as high as 50% in some cases! All just for driving safe which is something you should be doing anyway!

Now let’s recap what we have learned! Telematic’s are a quick and easy way for ANYONE to save money on their insurance so why not give it a chance?

Keep in mind that there are other factors that play a role in insurance premiums other than the ones covered here but these are some vital tips and information. At Bailey Family Insurance we offer you choices and options, we can shop you with several different carriers all at once to see which ones fit YOUR needs best. Call or Text us today to see what we can do for you 217-441-2342!

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